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Most areas of seamless steel prices continued to decline aft
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

During the festival, Beijing, Tianjin and other places on the market basic to holiday, relatively quiet, arrive first to protocol Hu Zhengchang arrival dominated, seamless steel pipe inventory increased, thinking to digest inventory and demand incompetent, it is estimated that after the holiday market steady weakening. Tangshan market fell after the first rise, the lack of support for the transaction, manufacturers look more, the overall production of the whole plant is normal, the stock of steel mill manufacturers have cut. On the holiday market throughout the more cautious, downstream manufacturers stocking enthusiasm is not high, during the festival seamless steel tubes and finished steel inventories increased less.
Reaction from the market situation, the last trading day before the national day, the site also entered the end of the stock. Thus, most of the seamless steel tube is also a price without the city, the majority of stable newspaper. But Ma capital continued to pull up sharply. The first is because of the recent businesses clean library, inventory rarely, building materials production line to the National Day period Maanshan Steel production. So the expected capital slightly serious after ma. Other, less capital of Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., specifications Qi, and capital to the relative abundance of businesses pull up sharply quotation, on the one hand improves the profit space, on the other hand also control the shipping some capital. The shortage situation will last for a long time, the festival continued to pull up the possibility of relatively large. Although local construction situation is still normal, but because the engineering quantity of downstream reduce, merchants ordering more cautious, and before some low-cost sales capital below cost, merchants, pull up a volunteer is not significant, it is estimated that after the holiday market stays shake downward trend.
Summary for northeast area close to winter, the downstream acquisitions plummeted, the late steel will consider capital converged on South, and the current "high in the north and lower in the South situation did not change, the late steel price pressure sales pressure is still larger. After estimation in Northeast China seamless steel pipe market prices will continue to decline.