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Seamless steel pipe prices jointly Pujiang bottom road will [2016-05-05]
In October the national steel industry PMI index decreased significantly, the goals are embodied not optimistic, the seamless steel pipe industry heavy pressure. Market, lack of funds and problems to be solved, on the other even if the dome
Most areas of seamless steel prices continued to decline aft [2016-05-05]
During the festival, Beijing, Tianjin and other places on the market basic to holiday, relatively quiet, arrive first to protocol Hu Zhengchang arrival dominated, seamless steel pipe inventory increased, thinking to digest inventory and dem
Seamless steel tubes for low revisited the market back blurr [2016-05-05]
7 day National Day holiday, after playing and into the day to day work form; iron Lang had to speak this heavy heavy work. Holiday period steel prices relatively stable, terminal can be considered normal, although postganglionic start looki
Seamless steel pipe prices are at risk [2016-05-05]
With the last week, steel billet prices rise after the fall, this week, whether it is on the market or the macro side have increased. After the good and bad short bouts of bad, bad quickly occupy the upper hand, has been strong in the price
In the short term seamless steel tube price is difficult to [2016-05-05]
This week, the spot steel prices in the first half of the week continuous strong trend, seamless steel prices continued to rise, the plate steady weak. Along with the increase of bad, good digestion, futures prices all fell, the second half
Market demand for seamless steel pipe surge [2016-05-05]
Seamless steel pipe is a hollow pipe material, so this type of material quality is relatively light. Therefore, seamless steel pipe, actually in real life the transport is also very convenient, these are seamless steel pipe in the use of th
Seamless steel pipe for the best fluid pipe [2016-05-05]
Precision steel pipe in the real life is very common, but very few will have a friend to know the precision steel pipe is a seamless steel pipe. Therefore, some of the characteristics of precision steel tube often also represents the charac