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Seamless steel pipe manufacturers yields fell to a record lo [2016-05-05]
In recent months, the general trend of domestic seamless steel pipe prices unchanged, recently is also intensified fell Powei constantly hit a new low, may also record in recent years to fall the longest record. Has until mid September, dec
Raw materials skyrocketing seamless steel pipe prices rise a [2016-05-05]
Weekend raw material price surge impact, business mentality is today seamless steel pipe market price each other now, but still vulnerable mainly; although capital support strong trend, but macroeconomic data, the overall decline, and lack
Seamless steel pipe needs to be difficult to muddy hard grid [2016-05-05]
Under the existing conditions, seamless steel pipe prices rotary is not easy; upstream supply of high pressure, although the pressure on the stock market continued to decline, but still significantly higher over the same period last year in
High level of seamless steel pipe market is no longer strong [2016-05-05]
The seamless steel pipe market high is no longer strong, businesses actively shipping, considering present everywhere in varying degrees of new resources to supplement, traders are more prone to cash shipments, avoid risks, increasing the b
Seamless steel pipe market can not get rid of the dilemma of [2016-05-05]
Today, even in the golden nine silver ten of the traditional steel spent a season, the steel market cannot disconnect weak dilemma. In the need for the peak season, the order index does not rise down, the chain decreased by 2.5 percentage p
Downstream demand for the lack of a lack of seamless steel p [2016-05-05]
Today seamless steel pipe market price is still a small fall; although raw material billet price is pulled to inquire about, but downstream by buying up not buying down the mentality of the impact, the acquisition of Qianan efforts, the ove
Seamless steel tube manufacturers inventory pressure to pick [2016-05-05]
Today, the seamless steel pipe market prices is still small fall; although raw billet prices have pulled the temptation, but downstream by buying up not buying down the mentality of the impact, the purchasing power of the poor, the overall