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Seamless steel tubes for low revisited the market back blurr
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

7 day National Day holiday, after playing and into the day to day work form; iron Lang had to speak this heavy heavy work. Holiday period steel prices relatively stable, terminal can be considered normal, although postganglionic start looking in, but little dingy, seamless steel tube with low revisited, making the market return to the blurred, the next step and how to interpret?
8 steel city, is the first trading day National Day holiday in the future and spot steel prices in the mainstream of the stable, some cities have inertia pull up operation; but failed to affect the downstream acquisition need to release, terminal as usual sparse replenishment needs, the expected sealing disc pull up prices is not present, and from the merchant active shipping operation is commitment to market a slight lack of, wait-and-see attitude heavier.
Seamless steel pipe for the preganglionic drop trend, the new low; display funds to the steel city of late also to put main; river and Sha steel mills in early October, the ex factory price once again dropped the 100 yuan / ton, steel mills once again take the lead in a reduction in the price of seamless steel pipe, market Yanyou alone run to; so even if national day period for the mortgage policy relaxation, good presentation, still failed to save the market desperate determination, the steel market in the traditional sold season "silver ten" open the door with a red, but slightly dim. It indicates that the unsustainable.