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Golden week is approaching a more rational stockpile of seam
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

Today, the price of seamless steel tube in order to maintain the main, less inquiry calls, market Festival atmosphere. Current market turnover of more light, all the businesses early to enjoy the holiday, although some businesses wait for holiday market, but under the premise of the risk still exists, businesses are more likely in less spot around. Although the holiday is longer, but dirty stockpile more rational, there is no large-scale production of goods is voluntary; on the other hand, steel mills in September to maintenance is very limited, market supply is still adequate, a holiday market, most business mentality carefully, it is estimated that seamless steel pipe prices a short period of weak stable running.
Although the National Day holiday approaching, but the downstream users is not hoarding. Trader, recently the merchants seamless steel pipe price quoted price is relatively stable, price Paohuo phenomenon significantly reduced, Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou market businesses have tempted to pull up the intention, but the overall performance of the southwest region remains in the doldrums. Before leaving for two working days, in fact, the market has been relatively quiet, businesses substantial adjustment quotation will is not strong, for the festival of the trend, mostly to pessimistic attitude, think the stock is too big, small demand, money is tight, price or will continue to decline. These two days, many businesses cautious steady operation.
seamless steel tube
Because of cheap capital on prices pose a greater impact, businesses on preganglionic seamless pipe market not reported too high expectations, on the one hand, although the holiday is longer, but dirty stockpile more rational, there is no large-scale do voluntary inventory; on the other hand, August square tube output growth of 8%, showing the market supply is still adequate. 9 in seamless tube plant maintenance is very limited, a holiday market, the mentality of most carefully, it is estimated that operating seamless steel pipe market, short-term in temporary consolidation of stability.