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High level of seamless steel pipe market is no longer strong
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

The seamless steel pipe market high is no longer strong, businesses actively shipping, considering present everywhere in varying degrees of new resources to supplement, traders are more prone to cash shipments, avoid risks, increasing the bargaining space, so it is expected today the domestic price of seamless pipe will be weak finishing.
Yesterday in seamless steel pipe prices rise completely stopped, down the main pipe continue loser, shipment yet further hindered. Raw material prices, although steady still rise, but the futures market to decline slightly deepening, the weak market situation is difficult to change, but wait and see atmosphere unabated. estimate。 Today's spot steel prices continue to decline, some of the more cautious, to accelerate the decline is unlikely.
seamless steel tube
Today's spot price of seamless pipe completely into the down trend, although the decline in building materials more cautious, but market pressure larger, terminal into the cargo strength weakened that the relative volume atrophy. Today futures continue to decline, instability signs of decline on the iron ore, and billet greatly Huizhang, taking into account the market has a certain price stability will and near the end of the week. Expected tomorrow, seamless spot price decline does not appear temporarily unchanged, fell across the board.