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Seamless steel pipe market can not get rid of the dilemma of
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

Today, even in the "golden nine silver ten" of the traditional steel spent a season, the steel market cannot disconnect weak dilemma. In the need for the peak season, the order index does not rise down, the chain decreased by 2.5 percentage points. This is only worth the joy of steel exports, the rapid increase in the volume of seamless steel pipe exports this year, 1-8 months, China's total exports of 56 million 830 thousand tons of steel, an increase of 35.4%. But for all, the steel industry overcapacity is a foregone conclusion has been formed, even after a few hundred dollars more than other shopping malls have been a few hundred dollars more than the city of Xinjiang now has not escaped the invasion of excess capacity. In recent days, Xinjiang's seamless steel pipe price has dropped to 3900 yuan, the same hit a new low since 8 years ago, it is also a witness to the seamless steel pipe industry overcapacity in miniature.
Of course, the steel market also appeared signs of stabilized some, for example steel social inventory is extremely low, now after another to reduce 26 weeks. In addition, there are also signs of maintenance of steel mills, cut production. Only, it is not down the space, information research center researcher Zhang Lin said that iron ore price again refresh is low, and the supply continues to increase, and ups and downs of steel production is very limited, so seamless steel pipe prices down space there exist the same.
But no matter what, seamless steel pipe market has not appeared again as in 2004 the oversold bounce, environment, need, financial status and so on various aspects factor has changed, iron and steel industry in the future should not placed in quotation, and should be expected to change the business form. The so-called bianzetong rules, for a long time, whether the form of change idea, change way, after all, only to request in a change of survival.