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Seamless steel pipe prices jointly Pujiang bottom road will
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

In October the national steel industry PMI index decreased significantly, the goals are embodied not optimistic, the seamless steel pipe industry heavy pressure. Market, lack of funds and problems to be solved, on the other even if the domestic steel export situation is excellent, but faced with weak domestic need still to no avail; second, although the short term finished steel prices compared to iron ore and coke prices significantly oversold, steel production profit is compressed, the late steel production enthusiasm is expected to be discounted, but with the arrival of winter, the market in the latter part of the need to also will continue to shrink, all supply and demand in the market or is still not optimistic. In summary, in October despite bring market unlimited reverie, but "weak" seamless pipe industry, or will continue the long search to the bottom of the road.
September seamless steel pipe prices continued weak market, accelerate the decline in the overall price, although the purchase of real estate has been loosened, but has little demand on the iron and steel industry, exacerbated by the downturn in the macroeconomic data display, the mentality of the market as a whole is weak, market demand has been miserable pale, business operation with caution, replenishment is not positive, fear of the backlog of goods, Kuaijinkuaichu way and seamless continued low volatility, on the spot market to boost the insufficiency, the seamless pipe market down sharply.
seamless steel tube
By September seamless steel pipe market prices jointly busts, the mentality of the market impact of the aftermath of the continuous, sluggish steel market will continue. But violence after the fall, immediately after again shows fluctuations quite simply drop should be is a small probability event and in must be within the range of vibration shake the possibility of greatly, oversold rebound possibility there is the same. Only if the oversold rebound appears to be understood for interval vibration in the process of rising wave process, is currently not yet cost improvement potential downturn in the steel city, the Bulls still need to caution is appropriate.