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Seamless steel pipe needs to be difficult to muddy hard grid
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

Under the existing conditions, seamless steel pipe prices rotary is not easy; upstream supply of high pressure, although the pressure on the stock market continued to decline, but still significantly higher over the same period last year inventories of steel prices is bound to limit the price of steel, and then affect the market; and the capital market uncertainty poses cloth of steel, the steel market mentality is not stable, plus the terminal need surface muddy and difficult.
After the cost of imported ore although in the rebound, although billet rose thick plunge also showed the lumber support weak, in the market speculation was not useful follow-up transactions, seamless nano weakens the ability, external demand has also been hit, and a reluctance to cut, inventories of steel prices will, of course, rebound in late August to market delivery of steel measure haven't spent end, is a direct manifestation of "nine gold," the first half of steel prices continued to drop, decline of over 150 yuan became normal.
seamless steel tube
Other learned from the market information, seamless steel pipe continued to fall apart from the pressure of excess supply, lack of funds and the need to release is one of the main factors of the trend. Lack of funds is mainly written little money, and existing funds have more roll less trend, often be "locked" to release. And is not only in the steel trade circle, and in the acquisition of the end is also the case. Often see, railway infrastructure, shed project money from, or projects to introduce private capital loss etc.. Is due to funding difficult, difficult to acquire terminal steel, leading to slow release, and even "zero increase". According to market sources, the current low stock market, a lot of steel trading business is willing to maintain a "zero inventory", but also reluctant to go out of the money back, or have goods out, the funds are occupied.