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Seamless steel pipe manufacturers deformity profit space mor
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

Seamless steel pipe raw material market continued to be in the downstream channel, a new low. Fortunately, steel export fair continued for the domestic market is in charge of the selling pressure, it is estimated that in September China seamless pipe exports will also insist on high. However, the domestic economy is still weak, although the manufacturing sector rose unexpectedly, but after all difficult to shake the tree.
In seamless steel pipe prices fell deep aggravated, imports of ore, steel billets and other primary raw materials market decline relatively narrowed, but still in a downward invention low; imported ore prices below 80 U. s.dollars mark around 80 dollars / ton scramble, billet prices is surrounded by 2400 continued to shake, the line suffered against significantly strengthened. To support a significant lack of downstream timber.
seamless steel tube
Imported ore prices this year has reached 42% higher than the drop downs, downstream timber, steel billet and other materials resulting in the later decline; seamless steel prices continued to drop, seamless steel pipe manufacturers will still maintain a certain surplus space; but with the material decline, steel price decline does not change, seamless tube plant to let stock market, space malformation the profit is more and more narrow, it is precisely because of this, the control of steel material such as iron ore costs increase; especially the iron ore imports, although reduced, but the domestic huge inventory pressure has not been useful to reduce, follow the exit of small mines increased after large mining enterprises of the price competition may be continuous.