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Seamless steel tube manufacturers inventory pressure to pick
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

Today, the seamless steel pipe market prices is still small fall; although raw billet prices have pulled the temptation, but downstream by buying up not buying down the mentality of the impact, the purchasing power of the poor, the overall market clinch a deal is poor; coupled with financial pressure is more and more obvious, manufacturers to allowing more profits to sales; considering the present market is basically no short-term positive support, downstream demand Nanxian turn for the better, many businesses to take the goods, it is expected that the recent steel market prices remain modest downward trend.
Although domestic exports in August is still relatively weak, but weak domestic demand makes economic entities lack relatively weak endogenous add kinetic energy, and considering the seamless steel pipe and other professional investment cooling brought pressure on the market, we to fourth quarter economic all insisted that the partial disappointed careful point of view, follow winter dirty operating rate was decreased and the real estate related industries operating pressure rise, black metal related products will further commitment.
seamless steel tube
Sum up, at present downstream terminal effective demand deficiency, lack of prices stabilized stabilized power support, traders to sell not free, return of funds pressure, let price sales operation was added; and market as a whole, and no much good to boost. Therefore, it is estimated that the seamless steel pipe price is still a decline in risk.