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Raw materials skyrocketing seamless steel pipe prices rise a
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

Weekend raw material price surge impact, business mentality is today seamless steel pipe market price each other now, but still vulnerable mainly; although capital support strong trend, but macroeconomic data, the overall decline, and lack of market confidence, views on the market outlook is not optimistic; and most businesses together that this wave of rising prices can not be sustained and low-cost goods to go. Taking into account when the market is still bearish majority, need the growth rate is difficult to improve, it is estimated that the recent seamless steel pipe market price stability in weak adjustment.
The needs of the market, the influence of the steel need to release the focus of giant real estate professional still adjustment, national real estate in August, a number of data reduction, showing the market tireless is no significant effect; during the period from January to August, commercial housing area to sell 649.87 million square meters of, representing a decrease of 8.3%, a decline of more than 1-7 month extended 0.7 percentage points; 1-8 month, the national real estate development investment 58975 billion yuan, an increase of 13.2% in nominal and growth than 1-7 months fell by 0.5 percentage points. The downside of real estate investment, the domestic economy is still a serious trouble, also need to continue to limit steel.
Sum up, although raw materials show a surge in that some businesses rose shipping offer, but then the market need no significant improvement, financial pressure, pressure supply all kinds of bad elements in the majority. Therefore, the author thinks that the the Paula up market there is no strong energetic support and difficult to maintain; estimation seamless steel pipe market price weak format to change.