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Seamless steel pipe manufacturers yields fell to a record lo
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

In recent months, the general trend of domestic seamless steel pipe prices unchanged, recently is also intensified fell Powei constantly hit a new low, may also record in recent years to fall the longest record. Has until mid September, decline is boundless, there is always a kind of want to squeeze out the last fall space for ultra low bottom line, no longer to leave behind a little room to fall, if we can really so bad.
This year, the expansion rate of iron ore production capacity to catch up with the need for growth, profit margins fell to a record low. Estimated that the global supply of iron ore in 2015 will increase to 1.63 tons of excess. Although Rio Tinto estimated that the global iron ore production capacity will be cut to 1.26 tons, but the oversupply of iron ore, China's market needs to slow down is already a fact. JP Morgan analysts said the next three to four years, the number of marine iron ore into the market in China will exceed the need to grow, iron ore prices have structural decline trend. And many agencies and industry analysis of the iron ore prices will continue to fall, there are three years at the bottom of the same time consistent.
seamless steel tube
Seamless steel pipe market downtrend, layer by layer is peeled off, just like peeling the onion, the collateral is being stimulated "shed sad tears". And because of this, how many companies can not stand such a stimulus initiative or forced to leave. This is also a mode of elimination, an objective means to select the elite. Since the seamless steel pipe industry to enter the downsizing plan, adjustment, reform, a variety of modes of elimination, subjective, objective, intentional, unintentional staged. But this round has been up to more than four months may decline in longer, in addition to high yield, the incremental demand amounted to less than a certain balance, cost or the main factors.