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Seamless steel pipe production method and material standard [2016-05-05]
Seamless steel pipe is a hollow section with no joints around the strip steel. Steel pipe with hollow section, a large number of pipelines used to transport fluid, such as the transmission of oil, natural gas, coal gas, water and some solid
Steel pipe inch control table, theoretical weight inquiry fo [2016-05-05]
31/2 101.6 10S 3.05 0.120 7.49 5.03 31/2 101.6 30 4.78 0.188 11.53 7.75 31/2 101.6 STD-40 5.74 0.226 13.71 9.21 31/2 101.6 XS-80 8.08 0.318 18.83 12.65 4 114.3 5S 2.11 0.083 5.90 3.97 4 114.3 10S 3.05 0.120 8.46 5.68 4 114.3 3.18 0.125 8.81
Comparison of steel tube metal materials [2016-05-05]
Steel China GB Japan JIS American ASTM Germany Grade Grade Standard number No. No. Material number Standard number carbon Steel pipe (Q235) GGP STPY41 G3452 G3457 (A53 grade F) A283-D (St33) One point zero zero three three DIN1626 Ten STPG3
Seamless steel pipe manufacturers deformity profit space mor [2016-05-05]
Seamless steel pipe raw material market continued to be in the downstream channel, a new low. Fortunately, steel export fair continued for the domestic market is in charge of the selling pressure, it is estimated that in September China sea
Golden week is approaching a more rational stockpile of seam [2016-05-05]
Today, the price of seamless steel tube in order to maintain the main, less inquiry calls, market Festival atmosphere. Current market turnover of more light, all the businesses early to enjoy the holiday, although some businesses wait for h
Liaocheng seamless steel pipe prices can be described as ala [2016-05-05]
These years, domestic crude steel production of even a new high, to the spot market infinite pressure, steel stumble endlessly, compared to 2011 August cheapens the initial comparison, seamless steel pipe price is almost halved, but spot ma
Seamless steel pipe market master stage time do not desire [2016-05-05]
Time finally came to the end of the day before the national day. We always like this, less than the final moment, the total is not willing to trust practice, that will show a miracle, but today, in September 2014 the total loss of the resul