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Seamless steel pipe prices are at risk
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

With the last week, steel billet prices rise after the fall, this week, whether it is on the market or the macro side have increased. After the good and bad short bouts of bad, bad quickly occupy the upper hand, has been strong in the price of seamless steel tube, a few days ago also appeared callback phenomenon, gains precarious.
Although the latest round of steel mills in the market price of steel has a certain role in supporting the role of. However, careful observation of visible, raise the ex factory price and the market away from the poor despite the greatly reduced, of course, also the difference is not much, most of which are comparable. To this end, Sha steel mills once again raised ex factory price of the actual promotion market is expected to be greatly reduced. Or more is just one of the most insurance operations, so that the price of building materials to the end of the month this spell".
In fact, the most tangled market is the shackles of funds. Every month, the steel trading business or, steel mills, even the procurement side are in the "calculating" how to return the funds, how to let the next month funds flow smoothly. This is not a feature of the industry, but the entire industry chain and even the entire credit industry to be a problem to be solved. This problem is not resolved, the iron and steel industry is difficult to easily go into battle, it is difficult to revive the former glory.
Thus, the short term to cover up the positive and negative short-term cover up the pull or push, seamless steel tube market temporarily to the capital, adjust the bottom of the price of seamless steel tube mainly. Market operation Suixingjiushi can, keep calm.