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In the short term seamless steel tube price is difficult to
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

This week, the spot steel prices in the first half of the week continuous strong trend, seamless steel prices continued to rise, the plate steady weak. Along with the increase of bad, good digestion, futures prices all fell, the second half of the week gains narrowed significantly, easing long strong weak pattern plate. To this day, no gains, all callback situation like open. However, the futures price shock rise, the billet in chasing down also now rebound in the short term, the steel price impact factor variable, reduce the possibility of accelerating the callback. Next week, the spot price estimation, seamless steel tube narrow consolidation, the decline is limited, do not rule out the first week of Weiqiao.
According to the National Bureau of statistics data show, September 2014 national crude steel daily output 225.13 million tons, ring slightly increase of 1.3%; average daily steel output 319.17 million tons, annulus comparing increased from 4.2%, Gen under before in the history of the second highest level. September of steel price busts, a pound of steel than a pound of cabbage, didn't make steel production, crude steel output still remains high, the supply pressure is evident; and needs until now, also do not see what improvement, coupled with the north in the fourth quarter followed by temperature decreased, the site simply stop start, at the appointed time is cut, supply and demand situation is still not optimistic, steel prices difficult to turn for the better.
Sum up, the current of Beijing during the APEC meeting in limiting the production of steel in the production of good speculation also has to digest, and real estate long aspects even better short-term also to moving steel beam, not to the steel city constitutes a positive boost; and now raw materials trend is not optimistic, and the need to cannot break; coupled with the next week already near the end, financial pressure is cut, the intense businesses desire to cash in, depreciate sales promotion is primary operation; therefore, it is estimated that next week the steel market prices continued to shake down mainly