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Liaocheng seamless steel pipe prices can be described as ala
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

These years, domestic crude steel production of even a new high, to the spot market infinite pressure, steel stumble endlessly, compared to 2011 August cheapens the initial comparison, seamless steel pipe price is almost halved, but spot market, steel stocks did not show significant backlog, even at the time of domestic construction building total inventory of Steel 16% lower than the last, visible contradiction between supply and demand resulting in seamless steel pipe prices directly fall victim persuasive.
And with the acceleration of raw materials prices callback callback, steel mills profitable space is also significantly increased, which also led directly to the rise in capacity utilization of steel mills, increasing pressure on the spot market, leading to the decline in market prices. With mills in considerable profit situation, but also more interested in price promotions. It also triggered the raw material and product material quotations "vague" and form a vicious spiral price continued to fall.
Before the domestic seamless steel tube in downstream stocking need support has stabilized, but holiday market point of view, the lower reaches of the need to deposit large uncertainty, steel production enthusiasm is still high, funds for vocational surface difficult loss, raw material price is still down space, the holiday period without a major positive, holiday market or will still continue to pressure.