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Seamless steel pipe market master stage time do not desire
Author:未知 Update time:2016-05-05

Time finally came to the end of the day before the national day. We always like this, less than the final moment, the total is not willing to trust practice, that will show a miracle, but today, in September 2014 the total loss of the results of the steel market should be able to speak out loud. After waiting for a month, the price of seamless steel pipe is still no rebound omen, on the final day before the holiday, most businesses have no mood to operate, the ups and downs are not intentional.
Prior to the seamless steel pipe prices suddenly and violently down under, market has long been exhausted; especially for the effects of repeated failure, steel in recent one after another violent drop even limit, make the business on the outlook of the determination also fell to the bottom. The upcoming October, early in the fourth quarter, all sectors of the financial pressure will decrease, seamless pipe market is also so, businesses on automatic price cash needs will weaken, to the construction market in a relatively stable trading environment. Third, the spot market in continue oversold after, especially under the price upside down, businesses continue to automatic self operating loss corner will weaken, the psychological pressure of the last of the seamless tube price retaliatory rebound and failed to release business, it is estimated that in October bound slack will welcome to automatically burst forth. More than three points, will be on the practice of seamless pipe market to a certain positive factors; but if there is no need to follow up, this rebound is also difficult to significantly improve the overall market weakness in the format.
seamless steel tube
Anyway, improvement after the National Day holiday seamless steel pipe market, the contradiction between supply and demand is unlikely and passive reconstruction of social inventory is not driven market improved, but will have a negative impact, the cost of capital and the expected or have improved but still big embarrassment with; the favorable impact of major events may be short time stirring steel city, but all vulnerable still do not change, prompt the market to grasp the opportunity, not reluctant to part with.